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I’m going to see Roger Waters next saturday! I…

I’m going to see Roger Waters next saturday! I can’t believe I’ll be seeing this man for the second time in my life and this time in my own country.


sin Cavani estamos en el horno.



Edinson Cavani being happy after his goal against Portugal.




Cavani sos lo más grande que hay!!!!!!!


Escuchando a la Trotsky mientras espero el partido de la celeste!












@My fellow Uruguayans, this 2018 we’ll be preparing ourselves for the world cup and the oncoming presidential elections of 2019, but before that we need to put our political and futbol differences aside and solve some of our urban mysteries, like, why does bus 76 never pass while life goes on? Why can you hear random fireworks going off everyday even though there’s no occasion nor futbol matches? While we’re at it, where do they buy them, because I’ve never seen any fireworks being sold after new year??? Why does sometimes two same buses arrive within a minute but some pass with an hour long gap? When did the dick day (el día de la verga) actually began? Who is actually better Peñarol or Nacional? Why does everyone become crazier when it rains as if it was a weird thing? Will Tiranos Temblad ever return? Will the boleto ever stop rising? These are serious questions guys!!!

Who is the man that plays the bombo y the platillo en 18 de julio like a madman? When is the clown Pildorita going to change the jokes he tells in the bondis? When is la fuente del Facal going to stop being the only attraction for tourists in 18 de julio? When is Bonomi going to quit? When will Novick dissappear? How many people are blind because of la pantalla de Bernardo en Agraciada? Who thought of making asado flavoured chips? And the huevos frito ones? How is the Mamama doing?

These are real mysteries guys, forget about BuzzFeed unsolved

I love how we all understand at least 90% about these things because we’re so small and few

I wonder what tourists think about us when it’s 30 degrees, full sunshine and 30/31 December but people just walk with umbrellas

“How many people are blind because of la pantalla de Bernardo en Agraciada?“

I just laughed my head off.

Though, to be fair, the 76 isn’t the pettiest bus: the 157 is the one that never passes when you need it and is passing all the time when you don’t need it. And I’ll personally never understand why the 370 and the 494 ALWAYS PASS TOGETHER LIKE, GUYS, THAT’S WHY YOU AREN’T PROFITTING WITH TICKETS, YOU KNOW.

When will we stop creating paradoxes like the Prison of Libertad, Arroyo Seco or Cerro Chato? When will we stop having acronyms as names for everything except all those things called General Artigas, José Battle y Ordóñez and doctor Puey? Btw, who was doctor Pouey? Why do Julio César and Marco Bruto cross each other on Montevideo? Why do we have an enormous statue of Socrates, who wrote nothing, on the steps of the National Library? Who thought it was funny to put Dante “nel mezzo del camin” between Law School and the National Library?

The fried eggs flavoured chips ain’t from here, Punta Ballena imports them and they’re a FUCKING DRUG.

Why does the street Consitution and Terra (a dictator) cross? Why does the 17 have either brand new bus fleet and old buses that make your TEETH hurt.

“Why does everyone become crazier when it rains as if it was a weird thing?” lmao this is soooooooooooooo true. You can’t go for a walk in the rain on 18 de Julio when it’s raining bc everyone is freaking out like..??? people, it’s literally just water!

new tumblr discourse




is 75 degrees Fahrenheit too cold, too hot, or just right?

Also tag where u live

24 celsius for those wondering

Parque Rodó, Montevideo (Uruguay)

Parque Rodó, Montevideo (Uruguay)