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I broke the chain! Yeah! Haha, sorry😅

Thank you so much! @sippytaint ! You made my day! I’m really happy😊❤︎

Ummm… really difficult to choose my 15 followers. I will thanks to my many followers who always do “reblog” and “like”.

However I especially thanks to @oneforsorrovv and @lapinkpig who are my followers from the start my blog.😘

@diamondog66 thank you for the tag my dear!!! Sending hugs and love right back to you! 😘🖤🖤🖤

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I was tagged by my dear @gatesofhel ♥︎♥︎ Thank you so much! ♥︎
Pass this onto your top 5 favorite blogs and answer these questions!

What’s your favourite animal?: I literally love all of them, but I have a weakness for dogs. Also a huge fan of snakes and spiders. And also octopuses. And jellyfish. And crabs. AND MANY MORE.

What’s your favourite band atm?: I listen to a lot of jazz recently… So… The Lounge Lizards, I can say.

Favourite food?: I’m addicted to food, and I can’t pick one. I love rice so much though.

Are you/have you been in love?: Always.

What’s your favourite song?: Too many to name.

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I was tagged by: @gunsnroses1987

Rules:using only song titles from one artist/ band cleverly answer questions and then tag 10 people

Band: Deep Purple

Whats your gender: Strange Kind Of Woman

How do you feel: Lazy

If you could fo anywhere: Into The Fire

Favourite mode of transportation: Slow Train

Your best friend: Woman From Tokyo

Favourite time of the day: Black Night

If your life was a tv show: A Twist In The Tale

Relationship status: I Need Love

Your fear: Blind

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Love your answers a lot! Thank you for tagging me, dear! 😘

Rules: Using only song titles from one artist/band cleverly answer questions and then tag 10 people.

Band: Deep Purple

What’s your gender: Woman From Tokyo
How do you feel: Mistreated
If you could fo anywhere: Comin’ Home
Favourite mode of transportation: Space Truckin’
Your best friend: Perfect Strangers
Favourite time of the day: Time to Kill
If your life was a TV show: Child In Time
Relationship status: Wrong Man
Your fear: Wasted Sunsets

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Music Questionnaire

I was tagged by the darling @gatesofhel, thank you. ♥♥

List 10 artists you like before answering the questions: 1. Deep Purple, 2. Roxy Music, 3. Jefferson Airplane, 4. Grateful Dead, 5. Dire Straits, 6. David Bowie, 7. Thin Lizzy, 8. Pink Floyd, 9. The Band, 10. Soft Machine

What was the first song you ever heard by 6?: Can’t remember, probably “Changes”.

What is your favorite song of 8?: Ugh. This one is difficult. Any Animal song. Love the whole album a lot.

What kind of impact has 1 left on your life?: A big impact as you can guess since I run a blog for them.

What are your favourite lyrics by 5?:
“If I been hard on you I never chose to be
I never wanted no one else
I tried my best to be somebody you’d be close to
Hand in hand like lovers are supposed to" 
(From Hand in Hand)

How many times have you seen 4 live?: I would kill to see them.

What is your favorite song by 7?: The Wild One. And also The Spirit Slips Away.

Is there any song by 3 that makes you sad?: "Lather”.

What is your favorite song by 9?: That changes a lot. Let’s say “Ophelia”.

How did you first get into 2?: Brian Eno was enough to get into their music. And they are really good with or without Brian Eno.

How did you get into 10?: And that was thanks to Kevin Ayers. 

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10 things about me

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1. The reason why I name myself Valentine because of my birthday, even though I am not a male

2. I am a flexitarian

3. I have a mustache like Frida Kahlo

4. My Japanese isn’t as good as it used to be

5. About “Spaghetti and Broccoli” – These are my favorite foods

6. About “Hairy and Fluffy” – Because I’m a bit hairy and fluffy

7. Also 5&6 is imply somebodies (check out my header)

8. I come up with those silly and weird names and stuffs(ideas) for some/no reasons, I’m boring ^^;

9. I don’t have a friend (irl) to talk about rock and roll stuff except my older sister, although sometimes she felt annoying about my emotional reactions to rockstars but she doesn’t complain much since she is a fan of David Bowie and we both understand each other’s feeling. I have a best sibling

10. I don’t know why but this “10 things about me” took me for a while to think how can I write this and that properly. Well technically, overthinking is really bothers me and my writing

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ten facts about me Tags by @syrupnhashbrown thanks again :)!

1 Despite that my name is Sjors , my nickname is “Smurf”. My older sister used to call me that when we were younger and my friends picked it up and still do to this date.

2 I’m quite a lyric freak and people tell me that quite often.

3 I’m half Finnish , 50% Dutch , 50% Finnish.

4 I didn’t vote because i lost my authorization letter last year.

5 I live in a strict reformerd christian small town , they must be happy with my “radical” taste in music.

6 When i quit smoking for 8 weeks , my mother in law gave me tickets for the zoo as part of the deal last year.

7 I hate change in my wallet , often give it away or spent it to get rid of it.

8 I was born and raised in the big city , although i live in this small town since a year and i actually sort of like it.

9 I hate the collor yellow , the main reason why i avoid a grocery story which main collors are yellow and black.

10 i have my degree as cook , and worked in multiple restaurants.

My tags for you are @moonchildflower and @deep-purple-in-rock!

Aw thanks! ♥︎ (Although I have a difficulty about coming up with 10 facts about myself, I will try my best)

1. I turned 22 today.
2. I had never wanted to grow up in my childhood and I still have a 5 year old kid living in my soul.
3. If I had enough money, I would probably turn into an alcoholic, lol.
4. I love playing with cards (especially Poker)
5. I have been trying to build my own library at home for 5 years and I still don’t have enough books 🙁
6. My favorite writers are Gorky and Turgenev (I’m so much into Russian literature)
7. I have been studying Japanese for three years now and I still suck
8. I love writing little stories
9. I live my life with the hope that one day I will have a dog and make the best life for him :)))))
10. I’m a freak


I was tagged by @gatesofhel. Thank you, my angel.

♥ I love your answers and that silly dancing gif, too. Haha.

What’s your favourite song[s] to sing/hum? – Recently I sing/hum so many Gary Moore songs siince I have been listening to him whole week haha.
What are your favourite flower/tree/plant [all 3 or whatever you have an answer to]? – I love trees. Mostly Pine trees, also Ginkgo.
Favourite colour[s]? – All of them.
What do you always doodle [if you ever do]? – I don’t.
How do you take your coffee/tea? If you don’t like those what’s your fav warm drink? – Tea without sugar.
Sunrise or sunset? – Sunset. (Both are beautiful tho.)
What perfume do you wear if any? – I don’t wear any perfume.
What’s your go to dance move when you’re alone? – I don’t dance. (Maybe because I can’t.)
Favourite quote? – “Preoccupied with a single leaf, you won’t see the tree. Preoccupied with a single tree, you’ll miss the entire forest.” This is from a manga called Vagabond.
Favourite self care thing[s] or routine[s]? – Sleeping
What colour are your eyes? – Light brown.
What’s your favourite eye colour on others? – Anything goes for me.
Favourite season? Why? – Winter. Because I love snow and ice and cold and everything but sometimes I miss summer a lot because it’s the only time that I can spend time at home.
Cheek, neck or nose kisses? – NECK.
What does your happy place look like? – An empty room with a big bed. And maybe a few puppies. That would be nice.
Favourite breed of dog? – DO I HAVE TO CHOOSE? I just love all of them. If I have to say, then Akita. And Siberian Husky, too.
Do you ever want to be married? If so what colours would you pick for your wedding theme? – I don’t want to be married ever. If I ever happen to get married, I won’t have a wedding.
Silk or lace? – Uhhh none.
Favourite weather? – Snowy.

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gatesofhel: Happy New Year from Ukraine guys!…


Happy New Year from Ukraine guys! 🎉🎇🎆🎅🎄☃🌨

2017 was a hard year for my mental health [at least I think it was worse than usual], because I still have problems in my life which I can’t solve, but thanks to some of my followers I forgot about all this crap and just had fun!
Also I would like to thank you in person, but I just can’t find words for saying how much I love and appreciate you!
@lapinkpig @my-space-and-all-within @diamondog66 @deep-purple-in-rock @80s-empire @portrait-of-a-headless-man @facexeverythingxandxrise thank you so much for making 2017 better!!! ❤️❤️❤️
I know I’m not so easy and sometimes when my patient is over I can be pretty cruel, but you always were kind and patient to me! And I’m thankful for this!
I wish you all the best because you deserve it! Be happy and have a wonderful holiday!

                                                                          Peace and love, Hel Crosby. ☮💝

Happy New Year, my darling! Thank you so much! ♥️ I love you, and I also appreciate everything you did for me. I wish you all the best and happiness! You deserve it, too! ♥️



“Name 10 songs you’re vibing on right now and tag 10 people”

Thanks @gettin-tighter​!

  1. Tommy Bolin – Lotus
  2. Rainbow – Tarot Woman
  3. Rainbow – Do You Close Your Eyes (I’ve been listening to Rising properly for the first time in ages)
  4. Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell
  5. Dio – All the Fools Sailed Away
  6. Deep Purple – Wasted Sunsets (adore this)
  7. Fleetwood Mac – Silver Springs
  8. David Bowie – Moonage Daydream (been revisiting 15 year old me’s Bowie obsession recently)
  9. Deep Purple – Might Just Take Your Life
  10. Deep Purple – Coronarias Redig (why does nobody ever talk about this?)

There are so few of us on here, I think everyone might already have been tagged 🙁 I’ll tag @deep-purple-in-rock, unless you’re already tagged. @foxglove-honey always deserves tagging too.

Thank you for tagging.

Love your list!

Name 10 songs you’re vibing on right now and tag 10 people.

1. Jimi Hendrix – Night Bird Flying
2. Jimi Hendrix – Freedom
3. The Aggregation – The Lady At The Gate
4. Grateful Dead – High Time
5. Mark Knopfler – Privateering
6. Howlin’ Wolf – Trying To Forget You
7. Howlin’ Wolf – Speak Now Woman
8. Traffic – Evening Blue
9. Fripp & Eno – Swastika Girls
10. Brian Eno – Lux 1,2,3,4 (Sorry, I just love the whole album)


I was tagged by @keyboardwizard, thanks dude! <3

Rules: Answer these questions and then tag some people who you want to get to know better.

Name: I use Kami as a nickname on internet, you can call me that
Gender: Female
Star sign: Aquarius
Sexual orientation: Boys
Favorite colors: All of them
Average hours of sleep: 8-9 hours
Cat or dog person: I love all animals so both are good
Favorite fictional character: ???
Favorite bands/singers: There’re so many of them! Deep Purple, Rainbow, Jimi Hendrix, Dire Straits, Roxy Music, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Rory Gallagher, Thin Lizzy, Grateful Dead, and many others!!!
Dream trip: Brazil <3
Dream job: None. I love being a lazy trash.
When was this blog created: September, 2013
Current number of followers: 2,434
When did this blog reach its peak: It didn’t, seriously
Time right now: 11:46 am
Song stuck in my head: Japanese version of Sound of Silence.
Last movie I watched: Baby Driver (love it <3)
Last TV show I watched: Can’t remember, I watched some anime, I guess
What am I wearing right now: A black hoodie, and some pants
What kind of stuff do I post: Deep Purple, Rainbow, and stuff
Do I get asks: Nope, not so often.
Why did I choose my url: Because Deep Purple.
Following: 13

Tagging: @gatesofhel (I asume you have already done this but still if you wanna. ^_^ ), and anyone else you would like to do it.

I got tagged by @gatesofhel​. Thank you. ♥Rules: List 10 songs you’re currently vibing on and tag 10…

I got tagged by @gatesofhel​. Thank you. ♥

Rules: List 10 songs you’re currently vibing on and tag 10 people.


  1. “Down by the River” by The Decemberists
  2. “Rox in the Box” by The Decemberists
  3. “Yankee Bayonet” by The Decemberists
  4. “Notes on a Penance” by Juna
  5. “Blank Stare, Dead Eyes” by Autumn’s Dawn
  6. “Sur l’océan couleur de fer” by Alcest
  7. “Chanson d’automne” by Les Discrets
  8. “Wait” by M83
  9. “Goodnight, Travel Well” by The Killers
  10. “White Lips Kissed” by Mew


  1. What’s your favorite music genre? – I listen to almost every kind of music but my favorite one is probably post-rock.
  2. Last song you listened to? – The Earth Song
  3. Favorite childhood game? Why? – Can’t remember, I used to play games all the time
  4. If you could only dress in one color, which would it be? – Might be white.
  5. Was anime a mistake? – Nope. I am ok with it.
  6. Celebrity crush(s)? – Too many to name.
  7. Text or Call? – Call.
  8. Favorite Movie? – Back to the Future?
  9. Can you dance? – I wish I could.
  10. What makes you smile? – So many things. Even a good breakfast in early morning.
  11. How many times did you drink water today? – I am drinking right now.

Guys, please do it if you like.