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oh FUCK, y’all know what we really need???? An 80s metal& inspired fighting game. It would be in the art style of The King Of Fighters with fatality moves like Mortal Kombat. We’ll finally see the showdown we’ve all been waiting for: Vince Neil vs. Axl Rose. Don Dokken’s fatality move would be the Kiss Of Death. Randy Rhoads would shred until the opponent’s head exploded. Rob Halford enters the battle on a motorcycle like Lobo from Injustice. Fight Dave Mustaine against himself, and it pretty much becomes the “Sweating Bullets” video.

So in a way, it’s already better than Def Jam Icon.

GOLD!  I might not play it myself, not being a gamer, but I could see myself sitting up until 2:00 AM watching people play it in YouTube.  Oh, and George Lynch changes the physical property of things with his guitar solos (as explored in other conversations on another site), he also can smash through walls, Warren DeMartini can crash through ceilings for surprise attacks, Joe Elliott has that sword that turns into a guitar for Phil Collen to take, Steve Clark could make attacks with white lightening bolts from the guitar, Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs could whip up a hurricane to blow everyone away… (it’s a shame Boston is from the 70s, because their blue-fire shooting and blowing up guitar space ship would be so cool in that!)

(Hey, no need to apologize for strange ideas coming up as side effects -I’m not gonna find it weird when I had a dream with five 80s bands snowed in at a music festival in the mountains and going wild in the snow with each other -and wrote a story about it so I wouldn’t forget it!)

Your ideas are an awesome addition!!! Boston would be a great preorder bonus! 🙌🙌

Thing is… and I don’t know this first hand, so I’m going to have to assume my cousin’s husband was being truthful (I would at least suspect he was, considering he’s a computer guy) …there was a game back in the day where the Journey spaceship was fighting off attackers -so it’s not unheard of to have a game based off of bands (he joked he wished he could be one of the enemy ships, since he doesn’t like Journey XD).  Throw the Boston ship in with the Journey ship, Michael Schenker’s UFO, and maybe add the ELO ship in too -and have them come down into atmosphere to fight the Led Zeppelin (and whatever other bands from that time had forms of aircraft in their name, for that matter!), and it would be a solid precursor to the 80s (after all the ships crashed, the battle would have to become actual rock stars battling on foot!)  If anyone were to roll their eyes at the idea, it supposedly has been done before; therefore, it can be done again with massive improvement!

God, I need a Star Trek AU now where Steve Perry is the captain of the SS Journey, with Neal Schon as his firey second-in-command, and the rest of the band are their bridge crew.

amekay3:Welcome to episode one of Stephen Sundays. Today we take…


Welcome to episode one of Stephen Sundays. Today we take an appreciative look at Stephen’s ability to emote through every limb. Namely, his arms. #reachforme#iwillreachforyou


always-wright-never-wrong: For retro-girl811 Lights hair 1977…


For retro-girl811

Lights hair 1977 xD

journeybandmusic: Smitty giving Neal a ride, how cool is this…


Smitty giving Neal a ride, how cool is this pic? 😀

anakinskywaalkers: Steve Perry on Midnight Special circa…


Steve Perry on Midnight Special circa 1978

Doe eyes