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Jimmy Page at Herb Greene Studio in San Francisco, 1969

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Quote from Ross Halfin- “Def Leppard: The Definitive Visual History”



ANNOYING: how on any Youtube video of classic Led Zeppelin, if a girl says anything about how hot Jimmy is, there’s always some neckbeard-y guy who has to rush in and say, “Oh he would’ve chewed you up and spat you out, little girl, sorry to bust your romantic delusion.” Like, oh thanks, I was about to get in my fucking TIME MACHINE and go back to 1975 to let Page do unspeakable things to me in his hotel room surrounded by candles and black magic, if not for your thoughtful input, sir. Fucking dipshits.



There’s a lot going on here. There’s Jimmy’s shoulder-shaking moves….then Robert seems intent on either sticking his tongue in Jimmy’s ear or just taking a little bite. His playful insistence is killing me!! and look at how his curls swing and bounce in the last gif



Jimmy Page after the Yardbirds broke up, praying by his bedside: It’s me again, I need someone to be my friend…maybe send me an angel, the nicest angel you have!

Robert Plant crawling out from the pits of hell: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Jimmy Page at The Forum, LA. June 22, 1977.

Sweating out every drug imaginable through his pores.

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Jimmy Page, backstage at the Lyceum, 1969.

Looks remarkably innocent … but we know better Jimmy Jim Jam


“I really enjoyed punk music. I went to hear The Damned, and Robert came along – the two of us went to see the Damned here in London. He’d probably run a mile from something like that now, but I’d still embrace it. I liked the Sex Pistols’ music, I thought it was superb. I liked it but that didn’t mean to say I was going to give up on the way I was going – but you do, you appreciate other music along the way. You could see the link back to Eddie Cochran, but I don’t want to take anything away from what they did, or try and link it into something else – that’s almost as annoying as people trying to link Led Zeppelin into something. It was just really good music.” – Jimmy Page

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Jimmy Page

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I wonder if Jimmy realizes how lucky he is that the Universe brought Robert into his life? Nothing against Jimmy. He’s a genius. That’s for sure. But Robert brought magic and light and fun. And luxurious hair and blouses and that Union Jack patch.