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Sleepless nights…


… driving me crazy
They’ve got me losing my mind!…

and you are taking me with yourself!!! I AM DEAD!!!! ❤



“If you put a Mars bar in one of Glen Hughens hands and a bass guitar in the other , he’ll choose the Mars bar.”

Gary Moore




10 things about me

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1. The reason why I name myself Valentine because of my birthday, even though I am not a male

2. I am a flexitarian

3. I have a mustache like Frida Kahlo

4. My Japanese isn’t as good as it used to be

5. About “Spaghetti and Broccoli” – These are my favorite foods

6. About “Hairy and Fluffy” – Because I’m a bit hairy and fluffy

7. Also 5&6 is imply somebodies (check out my header)

8. I come up with those silly and weird names and stuffs(ideas) for some/no reasons, I’m boring ^^;

9. I don’t have a friend (irl) to talk about rock and roll stuff except my older sister, although sometimes she felt annoying about my emotional reactions to rockstars but she doesn’t complain much since she is a fan of David Bowie and we both understand each other’s feeling. I have a best sibling

10. I don’t know why but this “10 things about me” took me for a while to think how can I write this and that properly. Well technically, overthinking is really bothers me and my writing

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1 Despite that my name is Sjors , my nickname is “Smurf”. My older sister used to call me that when we were younger and my friends picked it up and still do to this date.

2 I’m quite a lyric freak and people tell me that quite often.

3 I’m half Finnish , 50% Dutch , 50% Finnish.

4 I didn’t vote because i lost my authorization letter last year.

5 I live in a strict reformerd christian small town , they must be happy with my “radical” taste in music.

6 When i quit smoking for 8 weeks , my mother in law gave me tickets for the zoo as part of the deal last year.

7 I hate change in my wallet , often give it away or spent it to get rid of it.

8 I was born and raised in the big city , although i live in this small town since a year and i actually sort of like it.

9 I hate the collor yellow , the main reason why i avoid a grocery story which main collors are yellow and black.

10 i have my degree as cook , and worked in multiple restaurants.

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Aw thanks! ♥︎ (Although I have a difficulty about coming up with 10 facts about myself, I will try my best)

1. I turned 22 today.
2. I had never wanted to grow up in my childhood and I still have a 5 year old kid living in my soul.
3. If I had enough money, I would probably turn into an alcoholic, lol.
4. I love playing with cards (especially Poker)
5. I have been trying to build my own library at home for 5 years and I still don’t have enough books 🙁
6. My favorite writers are Gorky and Turgenev (I’m so much into Russian literature)
7. I have been studying Japanese for three years now and I still suck
8. I love writing little stories
9. I live my life with the hope that one day I will have a dog and make the best life for him :)))))
10. I’m a freak

He was wearing disastrous flares — loon pants,…

He was wearing disastrous flares — loon pants, I think they used to call them — it was a dreadful sight. And he had this wandering eye, which we had fixed quite quickly, and he grew his hair, because he had this strange bouffant style that didn’t suit him. He also had this slightly transparent caterpillar on his top lip. I said, ‘There’s only one fucking moustache in this band, and it’s mine!’



“How do you keep 90 people together with one stick? I’ve got two sticks and i can’t keep 5 people together.”

Ian Paice



“You can’t play bass in a vacuum.”

Roger Glover





What are you doing Jon



Don’t make me feel angry, or Cozy kick your fckn ass.

killedbydeth:Is this a blasphemy


Is this a blasphemy