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It’s the little things that bug me.

There’s a fic, the premise of which is that Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig meet in NYC and then Glenn asks Henry to show him around New York.

Henry Rollins is from DC. He talks about being from DC all the time. It’s not a secret. Glenn Danzig grew up in Lodi, NJ and attended the Tisch School of the Arts… in NYC. He is the most awkward fuckin’ Joisey goth nerd imaginable. So why does Glenn need Henry to show him around NYC? Shouldn’t Glenn realistically be WAY more familiar with NYC than Henry?? Even if in the chronology of the fic, he hasn’t lived in NYC for awhile, Manhattan is a fucking grid. It’s not like it changed. Did Glenn take a blow to the head and forgot his way around Manhattan? Is the author aware of anything about Glenn and Henry?? Am I taking crazy pills???


I’ve been pissed at rockfandom for a long ass time now, partly because there’s nothing new for me to read.

The only other L.A. Guns author deleted all her fics AND all her posts on the forum so now the dedicated forum topics for LAG and Ratt are riddled with holes. I don’t want to read badly characterized fics about Blackie being a rapist or a gangster, so that’s about it for W.A.S.P. fic. I don’t want to read a modern AU that’s SO AU that the characters are unrecognizable, so that’s it for most of the rest of the other bands that I’ll read. An author posted a new fic in the “Deep Purple” category that’s a Bruce/Jan from Iron Maiden where Ian Gillan isn’t even an onscreen character. He literally has not a single line.

It’s also depressing that people will message me on here to tell me they like my fic, but not leave a review on the fic itself on A03 or Rockfic. Like, you enjoyed my fic enough to tell me so, but not enough to contribute to the fandom or participate in any way?


Reading fanfic that’s set in NYC where it’s obvious the author has never lived in NYC and quite possibly has never set foot here…

Like, I’m reading a fic right now (in a TV fandom, not rockfandom) where a character complains that he can’t go to Manhattan without seeing white girls wearing dreads. White girls wearing dreads… in Manhattan? Where? I mean, maybe there’s one somewhere, but I’ve been here damn near 10 years and I haven’t seen one. It’s certainly not a trend or something you’d actually see multiple examples of walking down the street. Now if he said “white girls with blonde highlights” or “white girls in Canada Goose jackets”, okay, fair enough. But dreads???


A reader asked me recently about why, in my Deep Purple fics, I usually write from Ian’s POV.

To start with, I’m not sure I really favor his POV over anyone else’s; in “Life” he’s the central character and the fic couldn’t be told from anyone else’s POV and still make any sense. Putting aside my Mk .IV-era fics where Ian doesn’t appear as a character, we have “Cruces Fiction” in which Ritchie is the viewpoint character, and “Practical Magic” which switches between Ian and Ritchie’s POVs, and occasionally other character’s. That leaves only “Joyride”, “Rebels Without Applause”, and “Feliz Stalingrad” as DP fics from Ian’s viewpoint that I conceivably could’ve written to be from Ritchie’s viewpoint. “Joyride” wouldn’t work though, since the whole plot hinges on what Ian assumes about Ritchie, and that wouldn’t work from Ritchie’s POV (or, at least, I’d end up with a totally different fic from what I intended).

Ian is a fun POV to write from, because he’s so easy-going and so confident. He can be something of a monster – so can Ritchie, but Ritchie is the wolf you see coming, whereas Ian is the ravening wolf that comes disguised as this fantasy prince who seems like everything you ever dreamed of. Of the DP guys I write, he is probably the one least likely to second-guess himself, and when he looks back at his own behavior, Ian chuckles at his own misbehavior rather than feeling much regret. The others (at least the ones from who’s viewpoint I will write) all have some negative emotion tinging their narrative – Glenn maybe least of all, but even he has some arrogance and delusion that blind him to the tragedy his addictions are going to manifest in his life. David carries a deep well of hurt and longing around with him, Ritchie is sensitive and prickly and can’t bring himself to really trust anyone and at times he even resents his own inclination to compassion, and even Jon can’t stop himself from hurting people even though he wishes he didn’t.



“Why would you ship trash like reylo when nice pure finnrey is right there”


Me and all my ships


I want to write some Ian/Ritchie fic but I can’t think of a good plot. And if you’re familiar with my writing, you know I’m a plot kind of person. I don’t ‘do’ introspective slash fic where the protagonist wanders aimlessly around while thinking about their gay feelings. I really like wacky, sort of romcom-y plots but my imagination well has run dry. Help a bitch out!