The Love Affair With Your Guitarist Comes In Many Shapes And Forms: Joe Lynn Turner Edition

Scene 1. When Joe joined Yngwie’s band in 1988:


Interviewer: …And is this gonna be a longstanding relationship? That’s what I want to know.

JLT: We hope so, but you know, you get married, you don’t know what happens…

Interviewer: I didn’t know you guys were married?

JLT: Secretly.  Yngwie: Ahh….

Interviewer: It doesn’t say on the album, where does it say you married each other?!

The (secret) marriage didn’t last long unfortunately, (or fortunately,depends) they had one child (Odyssey) and they divorced. Joe left the band only to…

Scene 2. .… become Ritchie’s slave I mean, When Joe became a new singer in Deep RainbowPurple in 1990:


JLT: I don’t wanna blow his image or anything, but he’s a pussycat. He’s a wonderful guy.

[Ritchie hands him a Slaves And Masters tour t shirt]

JLT: This is mine? Thanks.

“Slaves” Great. I’m the slave, he’s the master.

Again, the slavery didn’t last long, the slave was freed not long after. (Thank God!) 

The albums from these two stints are either loved or hated but not only could he sing, but he did have some great analogies there, i think.