cozywelton: © Becky Welton 2011-2012 Here’s a…


© Becky Welton 2011-2012

Here’s a comic I drew back in 2011 (and the front cover I made in 2012) about Ritchie Blackmore’s relationships with his various singers over the years, called “Ritchie’s Quest”.

I saw the first character design sheet I did (the only one I put up on the internet because it was the only one I bothered to colour in) make its rounds on the internet, and people had photoshopped out my writing and put their own silly logos in. I was both shocked and appalled, haha. But that’s the way it goes, and a lot of people knew I wrote and drew this anyway. 

Obviously this comic was meant to be lighthearted and silly, something for my fellow Purple/Rainbow fans to have a giggle at –  but some Blackmore’s Night fans still took offence. Just because I can’t stand them doesn’t mean you don’t have to get thine knickers in a twisteth. 😛