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“King of Dreams” is Ritchie Blackmore’s long-awaited answer to Ian Gillan’s song about him, “Smooth Dancer”, and it achieved staggering gay heights of its own.

(I bolded the most breathtakingly gay parts)

🎶 It doesn’t matter if I’m right or wrong
 It really doesn’t mean a thing
It doesn’t matter if you like my song
As long as you can hear me sing
Because I’m the thorn in every little girl’s rose

You know I cut but never bleed
 A shadow in the night, pure delight
I can satisfy your every need

I’m a real smooth dancer, I’m fantasy man
Master of illusion, magic touch in my hand
All the stages are empty when I steal the scenes
A beggar of love, second hand hero…King of Dreams

Don’t make a difference what you got
It doesn’t matter what you lose
Don’t make a difference if you like it or not
Baby I’m going to change your attitude
Because all around me there is mystery and wonder
Now can’t you see it in my eyes
I’ll crack the sky, make you feel the thunder
You’ll never see through my disguise

All around, all around
Emotional squeeze through again and again
I know how to please you, your mind is on the bend
Can’t you feel the power, surrender in my arms

Beyond the witching hour we’re travelling on and on