so,here are @flor-ose‘s questions. thanks for the tag!

1. Do your friends get your music taste? err! okay I’m going to be honest here. I only have one (best) friend and yes, he gets like 85% of my music taste, which is amazing tbh…

2. Seen any of your faves live? yesss! I saw Robert Plant, Roger Waters, The Rolling Stones (yey!!!), Black Sabbath, Joe Lynn Turner, Sir Paul McCartney, and many, many more!

3. Do you listen to many genres, or mainly rock? mainly blues rock actually.. but I also love hard rock, punk, metal, classical and folk rock.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? living in England

5. What would you do if you saw one of your favourite musicians walking down the street? I would hug him and uh..ask for a selfie! (and then I would cry… a lot).

6. Are you a plant person? yes, I love Robert very much (?)

7. How internet addicted are you? probably too much lol

8. Talk about your favourite pair of headphones. – well, they are white and they came with my cell phone when I bought it years ago.

9. Top 3 cities you want to visit? London, Lewes (this is a county actually but still), and Chester (basically the entire country of England)

10. What student/college stereotype do you fit? idk…that doesn’t really exist in my country, pretty sure that only happens in the US. can’t answer this one,sorry.

11. Tea or coffee, and how do you like it? coffeeeeeeeeee ♥ black with sugar.

I tag @moonchildflower, @joestrummershowl, @stairway-to-led, @firethatgrewsolow@myledzeppelin and @waywaydowninside to answer these same questions.