im going to prove glommy. they lived together in beverly hills, ive heard multiple accounts of them making out on stage, and ive seen how close they get in rises over japan. i literally just need ONE piece of like. actual cold hard evidence and i think itll fall right into place

I’ve honestly wondered before how ‘canon’ Glommy might be. Glenn has spent the last 40 years mourning, praising, and keeping alive the memory of a man who he knew for the grand total of, what, a year and a half? That is some intense bond. He even reminisces on his Facebook about details like Tommy loving cheese. There’s eye-witness reports from Deep Purple Mk. IV’s American tour dates that Glenn and Tommy were kissing onstage, which – you have to understand, we here on Tumblr have already lived through the era of PRIMO stagegay with the emo bands. But this was 30 years before emo. Audiences back then didn’t expect homoeroticism in their rock-in-roll. David Bowie had just licked Mick Ronson’s guitar what, a couple of years beforehand? There was not much precedent for this, is what I’m saying.

I mean, yes, David and Jon also spoke of Tommy with affection and sadness, even Ritchie did in his own way. But there is really something to Glenn’s attachment to Tommy. I don’t know if they ever actually ‘did it’, but it wouldn’t surprise me.