wahwahharrisong: “He comes up to me and says “Hey Cooky I want…


“He comes up to me and says “Hey Cooky I want you to meet my friend George”. I did a double-take and realized his friend George is none other than George Harrison. Wow very humble guy, shakes my hand and I headed to the tuning room. I did not see him again until just before the encore. Again Stuart has George in tow and says that George wants to play a song. Dumbfounded I look at Ritchie and he says well give him a guitar. HOLY !@#$! I handed George strat #2, gave him a Heineken to calm him as he was very nervous. He asked me for a pick and I gave him one of Ritchie’s tortoise shell plectrums which he liked and a metal slide. I then began to tell him about the scalloped neck and not to push too hard as it would sound sharp. I tried comparing it to his sitar. He gave me a funny look kinda like your going to tell me about guitars? I was running around like a chicken without a head making sure he knew what bottom and head he’d be playing thru. Also almost forgot to mic his cabinet as the sound guys didn’t know he was going to play either.

He played great and I think Ritchie really enjoyed playing with George and I know the rest of the band were ecstatic. They played “Lucille” and afterwards when George walked off he handed me the guitar and said “I see what you mean!!”..wow what a night!”

 – Clif ‘Cooky’ Crawford on the night that George played with Deep Purple